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Dying Cockatoo's Mom Bullied by a Parrot Facebook Group and Bullies Got ...

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Dying Cockatoo's mom bullied by individuals of a Parrot Facebook group broke my heart when I received the news. Immediately I wanted to help this bird mom that was mistreated by these individuals. The FACEBOOK GROUP took action once they noticed what happened and BLOCKED and REMOVED the PEOPLE who did this!!  It's hard to know what to do with a sick bird, but Clyde's mom is doing everything possible to save him a get him help! Karla, Cockatoo Cylde's mom lost her job in March and didn't have enough money coming in for her self or Clyde's rising medical bills. Below I have LINKS of where you can donate to Cockatoo Cylde's medical bills. I know we have many fundraisers on this channel, but they are all for bird families that need our HELP!  Thank you for sharing this video and helping in any way you can. We love you!